The top Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts gym in North Texas


The Grapplers Lair, better known as “The Lair” to students and supporters, started as a dream of John and Susane Moore long before it became a reality. John began his martial arts quest at age eight and always wanted his own dojo. Susane was an avid  bodybuilder and tri-athlete who wanted her own gym.  After their first meeting, a blind date 15 years ago, John and Susane shared their ideas and decided combining forces would be a great plan.

Several months later, John and Susane relocated to the Dallas area where John started his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training with Carlos Machado.  A couple of years later, they relocated to Temple, Texas and opened their first martial arts gym, Modern Day Warriors, in their home garage, with mats made by Susane.

God’s hand has been evident in every aspect of their relationship from the beginning. Terry Kisley, former owner of the Body Resort in Temple, opened her doors to the first Grapplers Lair Martial Arts Gym. With only 500 square feet of space (400 square feet for mat space, and a telephone) John and Susane opened the doors for their first class on January 21, 2001. Within 18 months, the Lair had outgrown Terry’s gym. From there, they expanded to a new strip mall location and The Lair soon tripled in size, eventually becoming affiliated with Gameness MMA, owned by Ed Clay and Shawn Hammonds in Nashville.

God’s provision for the Lair has been unrelenting and great things continued. In April 2005 the Lair expanded again to a building off I-35 and continued adding students and equipment, including a 20’ competition octagon cage, new banana bags, and more mat space.

2009 was a phenomenal year for the Lair! John earned his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and The Lair moved to an even larger location with 5000 sq.ft of space (and a real office) in Belton Texas, located next to Summer Fun. 2010 was amazing too, as the Lair was awarded a contract by Fort Hood. Six instructors, including John and TJ, trained the Fort  Hood combatives team for 3 months and led them to a first place victory in all Army. Soon thereafter, the first UFC contract for a Lair fighter was awarded to TJ Waldburger, a new childrens instructor came on board, and 4000 square feet of mats were purchased, along with bleachers and a real drinking fountain. God just keeps on blessing!

A very unique and unusual aspect of the Grapplers Lair is the family atmosphere and brotherhood among the students. John and Susane are committed Christians and always try to give back, so Thursday nights is always bible study at The Lair!

If you’re looking for an exceptional training facility, The Lair has everything you’re looking for: a fully equipped, large scale facility; a renowned fight team with many experienced professional and amateur fighters, and of course a family environment and the most qualified instructors in the region. Whatever your age or experience, there is no better place in Central Texas to train.  Come into The Lair today!