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Whether you’re looking to compete, get in shape, or just ready for something new and exciting, “The Lair” provides a professional, yet family-friendly atmosphere, specializing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, and wrestling for children and adults. Our mission is to empower our students by helping them develop and improve both physically, and mentally through their progression in martial arts, leaving them confident in their self-defense as well as the ability to dominate our competitors in competition.


The Grapplers Lair has a long and impressive history owed to its founders, John and Susane Moore. John is a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Shawn Hammons of Nashville, Tennessee. He began his martial arts quest at the young age of 8 years old. After meeting his wife, former bodybuilder, Susane Moore, they decided to join forces and build a legacy whose reputation would extend throughout the United States. From producing multiple professional athletes, who have made names for themselves in top MMA organizations (including UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce, and World Series of Fighting), to leading the Ft. Hood. Army Combatives Team to victory, this power couple has most definitely made their mark in the martial arts community.


TJ Waldburger
With almost 15 years experience, Professional Mixed Martial Artist and BJJ Black Belt, TJ Walburger set the bar for BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts throughout Central Texas.

Titles Held:

  • Former Shark Fights Promotions Champion
  • Former Oklahoma Welterweight Champion
  • Masters of Cage Welterweight Champion
  • Xtreme Fighting Championship
  • Champion  Battle of “H” Town Welterweight Champion
  • Advanced No-Gi Division

Notable Wins:

  • Pat Healy – UFC Veteran and IFL Current MFC WW Camp
  • Shannon “the cannon” Ritch – Pride Veteran, KI and King of the Cage Andrew Chapelle – MMA veteran with wins over UFC opponents
  • Pete Spratt – UFC Veteran Brian Foster – UFC Veteran David Mitchell – UFC Veteran
  • Mike Strumpf _UFC Veteran

Awards and Accomplishments:

  • Former XFC Welterweight Champion
  • Former Master Of The Cage Champion
  • Shark Fight Champion Hold the Record with opponent, David Mitch, for most submission attempts in a 3round/5min fight with UFC
  • Two-time UFC “Submission of the NIght” winner with Mike Strumpf and Nick Catone
  • Assistant Instructor for the 2010 Ft. Hood Army Combatives Championship Team
Shayla Waldenburger
Shayla WaldenburgerCo-Owner | Administrator
Rene Rendon
Rene Rendon Assistant Instructor
Retired Mixed martial Artist and BJJ Black Belt under John Moore.
  • Seven-time Super Heavyweight Champion, NAGA
  • 2010 Super Heavyweight Champion, Russian Sambo
  • Super Heavyweight Champion, Fight to Win
Robert Oliver
Robert Oliver Assistant Youth Instructor
BJJ Blue Belt
  • Veteran of 16 Years
  • Former Bodybuilder
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Shawn Fulton
Shawn FultonAssistant Instructor

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Develop and improve both physically and mentally through your progression in martial arts.