“Great place to do BJJ, kickboxing, and other self defense techniques. Adults classes are 1hr 30mins long where as other places I’ve been was only 1hr long. Great location and clean place. Great instructors TJ Waldburger (bjj, kickboxing, and mma) Jacky Shawn Fulton (stand up and kickboxing). My kids do the kids bjj and love it.”
– Oscar Rivero

“I’ve been training here for a little over a month now and I’m loving it! Everyone is super welcoming and patient and there’s a culture of truly trying to make each other better that’s really special about this place. TJ is a world class grappler and a patient instructor, and the classes are in-depth and make for a great workout. If you’ve ever been curious about any kind of self-defense training this is the place for you!”
– Houston Meller

“Excellent instruction and great folks here. Classes are engaging and fun, along with lots of options for families as well (kids classes, kickboxing, Jui-Jitsu, etc)… love training here and will always highly recommend!”
– Ryan Smith

post2 “I love this place! I knew after my first class this is where I wanted to train when I moved to this area. Headed by TJ Waldburger, UFC submission of the night award winner. Obviously, he is skilled to get submission of the night at the highest level in MMA, but he is also a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. He finds the best way to teach his students according to their learning style. My teammates are very tough, yet friendly in sharpening my skills and offering guidance. They also have kid’s classes and women’s self-defense seminars. This is a true gem of a BJJ/MMA school on Central Texas”
– Juan Alexis Rodriguez

post2 “Starting jujitsu can be intimidating, but with the group at Grapplers Lair, it was very easy to get over any reservations. They have a great learning environment that’s very laid-back. Everyone is really approachable and excited to learn with you. TJ Waldburger is able to see the strengths and weaknesses in each member and tailor lessons to make each person a well rounded fighter. I would argue Grappler’s lair is one of Temple’s most precious gems. I am really happy to support this business and be part of this group.”
– Nicole Mahoney

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